Emily Ehr

Since 1989, Emily has been designing and making her handmade jewelry featuring sculptural earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and pendants in sterling silver, steel, bronze and copper. From her studio in Broomfield, Colorado, she creates one of a kind pieces that are unique sculptural designs fused with high quality craftsmanship to create rare wearable art.  Her work includes a variety of minerals and gemstones, with features using distinctive metals and patinas including textures with a very dimensional feel.

Emily is highly skilled in forging, working with hydraulic press, sawing, soldering, stone setting, casting and creating beautiful art. She graduated from Metro State University of Denver in 1999 with a BFA in Metalsmithing and Communication Design.

She has worked with and attended workshops from many artists such as; Elliot Pujol, Deb Stoner, Kirk McNeill, Andy Cooperman, Hoss Haley, David Norrie, Ira Sherman, Craig Wright and Richard Sweetman.

Her work is inspired by nature and the curvilinear lines of the natural world, the mountains, the ocean, and ordinary minerals.

My earliest memories are of building things and figuring out how things work. As a child I would design and make furniture for my Barbie dolls. I would play in my dad’s workshop after school using all the woodworking tools that my little hands could hold. I would spend hours in the garage making sawdust. My Barbie dolls were very happy. Mom taught me the value of creativity and self-expression.

I’ve found my passion through working with metals. First came experimentation with piercing, casting, and hammering metal, then setting rough cut stones, and making unique wearable art. I went on to raising bowls, forging iron and welding furniture; my passion for metal continue to grow. And just like when I was child, I play. My favorite friends are copper, silver and bronze. I love that these metals will change color with your skin, your body type, and your alkalinity. That’s the beauty of it. When you wear one-of-a-kind sculptural artwork, it becomes your own. It’s something you experience. It’s something you hold dear. It’s something you love. ~Emily